PicStats Report for danzarrella

This report analyzes the data from the Instagram account danzarrella. The legend to the right shows you that likes are represented in and comments in blue. Pink shows the total number of posts made by the account.

On graphs where the numbers presented are percentages (like days of the week and media type) those values represent the difference from average. For example if the green bar for video media type reaches to 100%, that means that video posts get 100% more likes than the average post.

You can run this report on any account, including your own, your friends' or even your competitors'.

This is a cached report. To run a report on a different account, login with Instagram.

Summary This account gets the most when it uses the tag "benchpress" and no filter.
640 478 268
Posts Followers Following
0.19 0.57
Posts-per-Day Likes-per-Post Comments-per-Post